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If you are a rabid enough shipper, you may find that certain things remind you of your ship. Songs, for instance. So here are some songs that, in my opinion, express Koga and Kagome's love. If you would like to contribute to this mania, please submit.

Lizzie says:
Steps -- "To Be Your Hero"
Steps -- "Love's Got a Hold on My Heart"
Steps -- "It's the Way You Make Me Feel"
The Jonas Brothers -- "Inseparable"
The Jonas Brothers -- "Fly With Me"
Westlife & BoA -- "Flying Without Wings"
Orianthi -- "According to You"
Crystal Kay and Chemistry -- "Two As One"
Less Than Three -- "Hard Good-Byes"

Mikayla says:
Bryan Adams -- "When You Love Someone"
Bryan Adams -- "Everything I Do I Do For You"
Elliot Yamin -- "Wait for You"
Liz Callaway and Gene Miller -- "Love Will Find a Way"
N*Sync -- "It's Gonna Be Me"

Mikaela says:
Three Days Grace -- "Over and Over"

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