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Site History

From January 2005 to October 2008, my site collective was entitled Silent Voice, and was located at http://blue-magic.org/sirene (Later, after the server crash at http://noble-scarlet.net/sirene), a sub-domain of my sister Lisa's domain. I had chosen Silent Voice because it was the attack of Siren, my favorite Guardian Force from the PS1 video game, Final Fantasy VIII. Not only was the title pretty, but it also fit well with the title of Lisa's domain, Blue Magic, named after Quistis' limit break from FF8. However, in October, someone tried to hack into my domain because I still used PHP Fanbase for my Fanlistings, which is not secure. Lisa decided I had to convert to Enthusiast immediately, as she had done last year, to prevent any damage from being done. Unfortunately, since my URL was '/sirene' instead of 'sirene.noble-scarlet.net,' Enthusiast could not read it as a seperate domain, and kept signing everything with Lisa's information. Greatly annoyed, we realized I must move all of my Fanlistings to a new URL. Since I would have had to update EVERYTHING whether I decided to move to 'sirene.noble-scarlet.net' or to my own domain, I decided I wanted a fresh start. I love the name Silent Voice and really, really wanted to use it, but every single version of that URL was taken. Oh, well, maybe someday I'll have a seperate Fanlisting Collective and use the name again. But, in the meantime, I decided to go with something new.

New Domain

It took me a few days to decide on a new domain name. I was super excited, though--here was my chance to pick a name that reflected me, a name all my own. Lisa and I both wanted something that would fit with the 'Angel' theme, especially since we share a banner exchange for our Fanlistings called "Angel Wings." Silent Voice had matched, because Siren had wings. I finally decided on La Rose Magnifique. I chose this title for several reasons. One, it is the American dub name of Peorth's angel from my favorite manga series, Oh My Goddess! ('Gorgeous Rose' is her Japanese name.) Peorth and her angel are two of my favorite characters from that series (I even run their Fanlisting) so I've always loved that name. It fit in with the angel theme, too, because Lisa's domain, Noble Scarlet, is Lisa's favorite angel from OMG. And finally, I love the French flair it has. I am taking French this semester in college, and I love it. La Rose Magnifique means 'The Magnificent Rose.' Not only is it very pretty, but I really feel this new title reflects who I am! <3

--Lizzie, November 9, 2008