Oh, it's everyone's favorite part: the rules. Don't worry, they aren't hard, and I won't throw in secret tricks like some fanlistings. It's all very straightforward, as required by The Fanlistings Network.

1) You must be a fan of the song, Sakura Fubuki.

2) You have to provide a name. It doesn't have to be your REAL name, a screen name will work just fine. That way, we can list you.

3) You also have to provide your country (the point of the fanlisting is to unite fans world-wide, so this just helps prove to everyone how widespread the fandom is) and your e-mail address, but if you don't want your e-mail made public, just let me know and I won't display it.

4) If you have a website and want it shown, you have to put up one of the little codes you can find here, and link it to But you'd do that anyway, to promote the fandom, right? *wink wink*

5) You must only join ONCE. I know this sounds silly, but recently lots of people have been joining twice, only with two different e-mail addresses. Join once, and if you wish to edit your information (like your e-mail address) please go here.

6) Please, no direct linking!