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About Princess Debut

Can you master your dance moves and find true love?

In Princess Debut you play a young girl who trades places with a princess from another world. The reason? Because she doesn't know how to dance, and has no wish to learn. You wake up in this strange world where animals talk and prince charming does exist. But exactly which charming prince is your one, true love? You have thirty days to find out and just in time for the ball. Waltz your way through your chosen princes heart while practicing your dance moves for the ball or maybe enchant him while out on a date. Who will your true love be? Well, that's for you to decide, now isn't it?-- Summary by Veronica.

About the Characters

Kyle/Prince Klaus

Kyle in your world is the class hottie and the star of the basketball team. In the Flower Kingdom, he is Prince Klaus, popular with the ladies and connected to the real princess' past.

Victor/Prince Vincent

In the real world, Victor is the class clown. In the princess' world, Prince Vincent likes to play pranks but has a good heart.


Lucas is your childhood friend whose sense of direction is almost as bad as his temper. Luciano in the Flower Kingdom is a seemingly cold-hearted prince who has given up dancing for mysterious reasons.

Carlos/Prince Cesar

Carlos is the class flirt who is always trying to get your attention. In the other world, he is the dashing and flirtatious Prince Cesar, who always tries to win your affection with roses.

Leon/Prince Liam

Leon is a kind soul who always has something nice to say. In the other world, he is Prince Liam, someone who loves flowers as much as he loves making you smile.

Keith/Prince Kiefer

Keith is a new transfer student at your school who excels in school. Prince Kiefer is a reclusive soul who wants to talk to you more than he would like to admit.