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From the time he was a young boy, Prince Phillip was betrothed by his parents to the princess of a neighboring kingdom, Princess Aurora. Phillip is a passionate young man, however, and wants to fall in love with the girl he'll one day marry. While riding with his beloved horse Samson in the woods, he hears a beatiful girl singing. He's so intrigued by her that he asks her to dance and they spend the day together, falling in love. Phillip declares to his father that he's going to marry this girl, peasant or not. He is later kidnapped by the evil fairy, Maleficent, and learns that Briar Rose, the girl he fell in love with, is actually Aurora, and has been placed by a spell that only true love's kiss can awaken. With the help of Aurora's three fairy guardians, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, Phillip defeats Maleficent and breaks the spell over Aurora. And they live happily ever after...

About the Site

Ever since I was little, Phillip has always been my favorite Disney Prince. When I discovered that Veronica was putting his Fanlisting up for adoption, I jumped at the chance to adopt it. Thanks, Veronica!

This layout was made using an image from the Sleeping Beauty storybook, My Side of the Story-Sleeping Beauty/Maleficent, and the programs ArcSoft Studio 5, and Pixie. I just love the art from that book!

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