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Okay, I admit it. I love PGSM to death. And I especially love all of the couples! Watching the relationship between Makoto+Motoki develop really makes me happy, because at first, it seems as if their love is doomed, but then, they get together, and in the Special Act they get engaged! They make me squee with joy, so that is why I decided to create this fanlisting.

The site is called "You're Not Alone," because I felt it described their relationship really well. At first, Mako felt she should be on her own, and pushed Motoki away. Then, she slowly began to realize that she genuinely card about Motoki, and wanted to be with him. She knew that he would never leave her alone, as other boyfriends did in the past.

This layout was made using screencaps taken by me, the photo-editing software ArcSoft Photo Studio 5, and Pixie.

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The adorable sprites featured on the main page were adopted from here. Just look on the PGSM page.