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The Couple

Act 7
This is the first episode where Makoto and Motoki really interact. Motoki has invited Usagi, Makoto, and Rei to the amusement park. When splitting into groups, Makoto originally gets Motoki as a partner, but switches with Usagi because she figured it was Motoki and Usagi's date anyway. Later, when Motoki begins to suffer from claustrophobia inside the house of mirrors, Makoto finds him and takes him outside, and sits with him until he feels better.

Act 18
Makoto asks Motoki out to lunch to question him about Hina and her relationship wih Mamoru.

Act 19
It's Valentine's Day! And that means that all the guys are receiving presents from their admirers! Unfortunately, it seems no one has a gift for Motoki; until Makoto gives him the scarf she made in class as a thank-you for his informaiton on Hina.

Act 21
Motoki runs into Makoto at the amusment park, who is there with Ami. Ami suddenly collapses, so Motoki drives them to the hospital. While Makoto waits for Ami's test results, Motoki gives her lots of snacks and magazines to keep her occupied.

Act 24 Motoki tries to get Makoto's attention and show her his new haircut, but she is too busy glaring at Mamoru to notice.

Act 30 Motoki buys two tickets to the movie "Finding Kame," and hints around to Makoto. She, however, is completely oblivious.

Act 31 When Makoto visits Crown, she notices that Motoki's arm is broken. He tells her that he is moving out of his parent's house to his own apartment, and hurt his arm moving furniture. Makoto offers to bring him some home-made curry. He gives her one of the tickets to "Finding Kame" as a thank you. Throughout their date, Makoto continues to feel uncomfortable and second-guesses herself. She tells Motoki that he is wrong about her, and that they shouldn't be together.

Act 34 When Rei and Ami sleep over at the Karaoke Center, Makoto decides that she wants to stay there too to keep an eye on them. She asks Motoki if she can stay in a spare room for the night. He reluctantly agrees, and later when she is on the phone sneaks in some food for her.

Act 41 Makoto walks in on an argument between Nephrite and Motoki, and mistakes Nephrite for a thief. Motoki thanks her for rescuing him, and Usagi decides a little match-making is in order. She tells Ami to tell Motoki that there is a new breed of turtle at the daycare center. When Motoki goes there, he realizes the "new breed" of turtle is actually Makoto dressed as a turtle helping out at the daycare. Later, when a little boy goes missing, Makoto and Motoki search for him together. Suddenly, youma attack, and Makoto is forced to transform in front of Motoki. He tells her that he thinks being a champion of justice is amazing. She runs off to help her friends.

Act 46 In a battle, Makoto decides she will fulfill the mission of the Past Life, and places herself in danger, nearly getting killed. Minako takes her to a hotel and tends to her wounds. When Makoto awakens, she tells Minako that she only lives for the mission. Minako cleverly asks who "Motoki-kun" is, and tells Mako she was calling out for him in her sleep. Makoto begins to realize she has people in this world that she loves. While running to fight a youma, Makoto stumbles upon a collapsed Motoki, who hands her a turtle charm for protection. He faints, and Makoto frantically tries to wake him up, unable to bear the thought of losing him. She realizes that the reason she awoke to her true powers was because she isn't alone.

Act 47 Makoto comes into Crown Karaoke with the turtle charm on her karaoke pass. Motoki smiles and asks if she likes it. She grins and says she does.

Special Act Four years later, Makoto and Motoki are still together, and Makoto now runs a flower shop (with Motoki assisting her, of course.) As they try to get the flowers ready for Usagi and Mamoru's wedding, they both have to play matchmaker when the unhappy couple calls off the wedding. In the meantime, Motoki hints around about the idea of marriage, and Makoto replies that she thinks Usagi and Mamoru are moving too fast, much to his disappointment. At Usagi and Mamoru's wedding (they made up,) Motoki catches the bouquet, and shyly asks Makoto to marry him. She grins, and says yes.