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The Characters

Kino Makoto is the new transfer student at Tsukino Usagi and Mizuno Ami's school. Rumored to have been thrown out of her old school for fighting, most of the students are afraid to approach her, and she is seen as a loner. Not long after transferring, however, she is befriended by the sweet Usagi, and begins to feel more comfortable around her new life. Soon, she realizes that she is no ordinary student, but the fourth Sailor Soldier, Sailor Jupiter. Her powers govern both nature and thunder, and she has attacks such as "Supreme Thunder," "Jupiter Thunderbolt," and "Flower Hurricane." When she fully awakens to her soldier powers, she feels that she needs to be alone to fully understand her powers. But, with the help of her friends, and the cute Crown Karaoke employee, Motoki, Makoto realizes that she awakened to her powers because she wasn't alone. While she is a bit of a tomboy, she also has a feminine side, and enjoys baking and making handicrafts. Loyal to the end, she will do anything for her friends.

Furuhata Motoki is the cute and sweet employee at Crown Karaoke Center. He sometimes can be a bit naive, but has a heart of gold and cares about everyone around him. He has an obsession with turtles, and he even has a pet turtle, Kamekichi, whom he often talks to and confides in. He is best friends with Mamoru Chiba, and at first seems to have a crush on Usagi. He soon realizes that Usagi likes Mamoru, and turns his affections to one of the other Sailor Soldiers: Makoto. His most prized possession is a scarf that she gave him for Valentines Day, that he almost always wears. When Makoto turned him down, he felt very depressed, and thought that it was hopeless. He was patient, however, and the two found true love at last. After four years of being together, Motoki proposed to Makoto, and she happily accepted.