About the Site

Out of all three mermaids, Rikki is by far my favorite. She is so pretty, I wish I was as pretty as her! But more than that, Rikki has a no-nonsense attitude which makes her funny without being a mean person. She truly means well and feels bad for others. And, in 'The Siren Effect,' she is SO cute singing karaoke! Yay Rikki!

About the Title

I chose the title "Hot Stuff" for a few reasons. Number One, Cleo tells Rikki in the episode "In Hot Water" that she named her fish after Rikki, naming it "Hot Stuff." Number Two, Rikki's powers are the ability to heat water. Number Three, Rikki herself has a fiery personality.

About the Layout

This layout was made using a screencap from the beginning credits of the second season of the series, the programs ArcSoft Studio 5, Photoshop Elements, and Pixie.

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