Winc Club
Winx Club is the story of six teenage girls, Bloom, Stella, Musa, Flora, Tecna, and Layla, who possess magical abilities. They attend the Alfea College of Fairies in the Realm of Magix, where they all room together. Although the girls each come from very different realms and possess different magical abilities, they're the best of friends. Together, they make up the Winx Club! The series follows the girls' advetures as they struggle to balance their strenuous studies, battle the evil Witches from Cloud Tower, and try to be ordinary teenage girls.

Winx Club originated in Italy, where it has run three seasons and produced over twenty issues of comics. The series has been dubbed into several different languages, including two different versions of English (one for Great Britain, and another, dubbed by 4Kids Entertainment, for the USA). The music, as well as the names of the attacks and the girls' home realms, varies from country to country; on this site, I use the 4Kids versions because that's what I know best. I've also taken some information from the Italian site, but have tried to limit the amount of spoilers.