Name: Flora
Age: 16 (Season One)
Birthday: March 1st
Fairy Sign: The Dryad
Power Source: Plants and Flowers
Home Planet: The Fifth Moon of Marigold--Linphea

Flora is a sweet and sensitive student at Alfea College for Fairies. She, along with her five best friends, is a member of the Winx Club. She gets along well with all of the Winx girls, but is especially close to Layla, and Mirta, a witch transfer student. In fact, she helped reverse a spell that was placed on Mirta by the Witches. Since her specialty is nature, she can speak to plants and help heal them when they are sick. She is a very good person to come to when you have a problem, or just need a good listener. At the beginning of her sophomore year, Flora felt left out because she was the only girl without a boyfriend. That soon changes, however, when she meets Helia, a new student at Red Fountain. Seeing his caring, sensitive nature, Flora soon fell for him. For awhile she was too shy to admit how she felt about Helia, but she finally confessed, earning her Charmix. Helia was overjoyed, having liked her from the moment they met. The two have been happily dating ever since. Flora gained her Enchantix by rescuing her little sister, Rose, from the Witches. Flora's bonded Pixie is Chatta, the pixie of language and chatter, who loves to invent new cheers for her friends and knows all the inter-realm gossip.