1) You must be a fan of Clara & Eric's relationship from Barbie in the Nutcracker.

2) You must provide a name. You can use a nickname or screenname if you so desire, but please don't use a bunch of numbers or symbols in it (i.e. "Barbie" is okay; "Barbie34728" is not).

3) You also have to provide your geographic location and your e-mail address, but if you don't want your e-mail made public, just select 'hide' on the join form.

4) If you have a website, please put up one of the buttons found here, and link it to

5) Please, no direct linking!

6) You must only join ONCE. I know this sounds silly, but recently lots of people have been joining twice, only with two different e-mail addresses. Join once, and if you wish to edit your information (like your e-mail address) please go here.

Those aren't hard, right? Now, please feel free to join!