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Great Bowser Quotes

Okay, these aren't real quotes. Real quotes from Bowser would just be, like, "GWWARRMMPPPHHH." Or, if you're talking about that Japanese cartoon movie from the '80's, you'd get real nerdy sounding quotes. But, we won't go there. These are quotes my sister and I came up with while playing Mario Kart. Yeah, you get the idea. *wink* Submitted by Lizzie.

"That's Bowser's stand. Are you in good claws?"

Bowser: "If I can't have Peach, NO ONE WILL!!!"

Bowser: "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

Peach: (To Bowser Jr.) "I'm your mama?"
Bowser: "OF COURSE YOU ARE!!!!!!!!"

Bowser: (Imitating Daisy from Mario Kart Double Dash) "Hi, I'm Bowser!"