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The Real Story of Bowser

Bowser is the main villain in the Nintendo gaming series, Super Mario Bros. While in each game he has a different history and appearance, his goal always remains the same: to capture Princess Peach (Princess Toadstool) and defeat Mario.

Our Story

Bowser is seriously misunderstood. Everyone makes him out to be some evil mastermind bent on ruling the Mushroom Kingdom! Not so. Bowser is madly in love with Princess Peach (why do you think he kidnaps her all the time?!) and only hates Mario because he thinks the little Italian plumber will steal his Princess away from him. Sure, he has a few anger management issues, and sometimes his love for Peach can border on OBSESSIVE, but, in the end, he's just a deformed dragon-thing trying to raise a son single-handedly. *Okay, we know you think we're crazy, so we'll stop now.*

The Site

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