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We're Gonna Break Through

The Stingers were introduced in the last half of the final season of Jem and the Holograms. Although they were only in a total of nine episodes, the dynamic that they brought to the series has made them a fan favorite. Here you can learn a little more about the bandmates. The information on this page has been adapted from the Wikipedia article.

There'll Be a Riot Over Us

Band Name: Riot
Birth Name: Rory Llewelyn
Role in Band: Vocals
Voice Actors: Townsend Coleman / Gordon Grody

Bio: Riot grew up in a strict household with his mother and army officer father who tried to force his values onto him. To escape his father's stronghold, Riot joined the army but went AWOL in Germany where he met Minx. Rapture soon joined and The Stingers were born. Riot is charming but aloof and arrogant. He is confident with his looks, believing he is the perfect man. He commands respect and demands devotion from his bandmates and fans. He is aware of the power he has over people and uses it to get what he wants. Riot's romantic interest in the show is Jem - he believes she is the perfect woman for him and pursues her relentlessly. His relationship with his father was deeply strained over the years, but due to his mother's temporary illness and the efforts of Jem to reconcile them in the episode "Riot's Hope," their relationship has greatly improved.

Our Little Minx Will Startle You

Band Name: Minx
Birth Name: Ingrid Krueger
Role in Band: Synthesizer and Backup Vocals
Voice Actresses: Kath Soucie / Vicki Sue Robinson

Bio: Like the other members of The Stingers, Minx is arrogant and only interested in herself. She is cunning and manipulative, and prides herself on being able to have her pick of men, only to toss them away once she gets bored. However, in the episode "Change of Heart," Minx survives through a near-death experience and decides to change her ways and make amends with the people she has hurt in the past. Although her efforts blow up in her face, her change seems genuine and it seems likely that she will be more prone to find a balance between selfishness and selflessness in the future. Minx is also very technologically-minded and can work wonders with any computer or synthesizer. Her romantic interest in the show is Rio, whom she pursues despite his constant rejections.

Our Music is Rapturous

Band Name: Rapture
Birth Name: Phoebe Ashe
Role in Band: Guitar and Backup Vocals
Voice Actress: Ellen Gerstell

Bio: Of the three Stingers, Rapture seems to be the only one who did not have a redeeming moment. Rapture is a con-artist and uses her interest in the occult to trick people out of money. She enjoys making fools out of people for her own entertainment and will quickly discard them once she has had her fill of fun. While several episodes see Riot and Minx losing their heads over their romantic interests, Rapture seems bored by these games of the heart, and instead chooses to amuse herself through her own con games. Riot watches over Rapture like an older brother, and although he doesn't try to dissuade her from her cons (likely because of his policy of non-interference), he can be counted on to help her out of her stickiest situations.